French FF: Little Nicholas' Treasure (2)

Date: Sunday 3 July 2022

Time: 1:15 PM

Comedy, Family | Rating TBC | 103 minutes French with English subtitles France, early 1960s. In the idyllic world of 9-year-old Nicholas (Ilan Debrabant), there is Papa (Jean-Paul Rouve), Mum (Audrey Lamy), his school and - most importantly - his ragtag group of friends. Cheeky, inseparable and mischievous, they call themselves ‘The Invincibles’ and life couldn’t be better. But when his father receives a sought-after promotion and announces that the family must move to the south of France, it’s the worst news imaginable. Nicholas simply can’t fathom life without his pals, and neither can they. Before long a plan is afoot to prevent this terrible relocation...



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